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Saint Catherine Trip

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Children under 9 years old 50% discount


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The trip of Mount Moses, Mount Sinai, or Saint Catherine Monastery, going on this trip before midnight and being transferred from your hotel until you join your guide to drive approximately 3 hours towards the city of Saint Catherine, and when you arrive at the monastery, you will be joined immediately by a Bedouin guide until The journey begins, and batteries will be provided to help illuminate the dark road that you cross on the mountain, which takes approximately two and a half hours to reach the top of the mountain, There you can take many souvenir photos and enjoy the sunshine, and then you will return to the monastery for breakfast and also to visit the monastery from the inside, and thus the trip is over and you will be escorted by your guide to the place of cars to return to the hotel.

Children under 9 years old 50% discount


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